Abington police stop attempted burglary, suspect found to have extensive criminal history

The Abington Township Police Department highlighted the following members of D Platoon and the Traffic Safety Unit for stopping a burglary attempt on February 14: Sergeant Welsh, Officer Ottenbreit, Officer Ray, Officer Belardo, Officer Galiczynski, Officer Martinez, Officer Posey, and Officer Coughlin.

Police received a report at approximately 12:15pm that a suspicious-looking male was loitering near the entrance of a residence, and a subsequent report that the male had possibly broken into the residence. Upon arrival, Officer Ottenbreit noticed a shattered glass pane on the front door. Additional units responded and secured the perimeter of the home.

The suspect initially refused to comply with commands to exit the premises and retreated inside before attempting to escape through the rear door. He was intercepted by additional officers, police said, and again refused commands to surrender.

Officers blocked his path as he attempted to flee to the side of the house, at which point he was taken into custody without incident, the department said.

Following his arrest, a search of the suspect yielded stolen property from the residence, along with gloves, face masks, a counterfeit police badge, and handcuffs. Subsequent investigations unveiled the suspect’s extensive criminal history, particularly in burglary and related offenses, the department said.

The exact location of the burglary was not released.

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