Abington Board of School Directors votes to send revised health and safety plan to the State

On Tuesday evening, January 18th, the Abington Board of School Directors voted to send a revised health and safety plan for the district to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, as has been the protocol throughout COVID-19.

While in the building or on district transportation, continued universal masking for staff and students will continue, regardless of whether or not you are vaccinated. If there are periods of high community transmission, masks will have to be worn outdoors as well.

Also part of the plan, those you engage in higher risk activities like band or chorus or sports will have assurance testing.

Students will be able to socially distance during recess in order to take mask breaks, the district stated.

The revised health and safety plan also contains ‘assurance testing’ for those engaged in higher-risk activities, such as sports, band and chorus.

Echoing Montgomery County Health Department guidance, those who test positive can come back to school 5 days after the symptoms started, but only if those symptoms are resolving and the individual is has no fever for 24 hours without the aid of fever reducing medications.