Abington faculty debuting artwork in Philly shows this fall

Dawn Kramlich and William Cromar, faculty members at Penn State Abington, will showcase their work in Philly exhibitions this fall.

Kramlich’s “Jawn 6: It’s A Philly Thing” exhibit, part of a nationally recognized, award-winning art initiative, will be shown in Philadelphia airport terminals. 

“What happens when we translate ourselves through a screen and then add meme culture to the mix? I feel the need to dig into it and how culture has shifted over the last two decades. My generation is the only generation to grow up with and without the internet, so it’s imperative for those who have that experience to share it,” Kramlich said in a PSU news briefing. 

Cromar’s multimedia piece “La Trahison des Signes (The Treachery of Signs)” will be featured in the exhibition truth* at the National Liberty Museum in Old City through May.  

“The video installation is comprised of 42 individual projections of his wife’s mouth, speaking about 100 different phrases that might be considered controversial or whose meanings can shift depending on the speaker. The piece is silent, and the mouths are projected into individual surgical masks,” Cromar told PSU news.

For more about the artists and their exhibits, check out Penn State’s news article here.

Photos courtesy of Dawn Kramlich and William Cromar.