Welcome to Keswick Village, Yoga Reverie

On Easton Roady in Keswick Village, right next door to O’Neil’s market, Yoga is back.  

Yoga Reverie, previously at 1 South Easton Road in Glenside, will be operating beginning February 1st at 355 Easton Road in Glenside. You might remember that we did an article in October on this spot and its founder, Andrea Leombruni, and her journey to a life of Yoga. Now her journey has brought her up the road a little.

Andrea is excited about the opporunity:

“This is a very bright open space, Andrea said, and we have 560 square feet of just classroom.”

“Our rear entrance backs up to the parking lot that we share with the Keswick Theatre. It’s paid parking but uses a kiosk system. There’s a lot more space for people to find parking and get to class and then also have the opportunity after class to visit a lot of the other merchants and restaurants in the area as well. It’s conducive to that community atmosphere that we want to cultivate.”

One of the specials Yoga Reverie will run is $30 for your first week, unlimited. You can come multiple times in a day if you like and since their drop-in rate is $25, you pretty much make that up in just the first class.

All classes are free on the opening day, Tuesday, February 1st. For more information or to schedule a class, click here.