Upper Moreland sees 70+ school bus violations

A recent camera program at Upper Moreland School District has brought forth a growing number of citations for drivers who have ignored stopped school buses. Police said that more than 70 violations have been committed since the bus safety initiative was launched three weeks ago.

“In just three short weeks, 70 operators have disregarded the safety of our children,” police wrote in a CRIMEWATCH® community alert. “These violations are not only on our major roadways like Easton Road and York Road — they also occur in your neighborhoods and streets.”

Registered owners of vehicles caught evading stopped school buses face a $300 fine.

“The Upper Moreland Police Department and the Upper Moreland School District asks you to drive carefully and without distractions,” police said. “Talk to your teenager drivers about the consequences of speed, distracted driving and passing school buses when stopped. There is no text, phone call or appointment that is worth a child’s safety.”

Concerned residents are encouraged to contact pcordura@uppermoreland.org with any questions.