Upper Moreland police release details of 4 recent arrests

The Upper Moreland Township Police Department has released the details of four recent arrests:

Shane Redding (shown above)

Redding, 28, of Philadelphia was arrested on June 13 at 7:24pm for Retail Theft.

Redding is accused of stealing $1002.38 of over-the-counter medications and cosmetics over multiple dates from the Weis at 2100 E County Line Road in Huntingdon Valley. 

In April, Redding was also arrested for stealing $894 worth of hair care and cosmetic products from the same store.

Dionisios Koukaras

Koukaras, 58, of Willow Grove was arrested on June 20 at 12:07pm for Terroristic Threats and Harassment.

Koukaras is accused of “making verbal threats of physical violence to another person and throwing a 2×4 piece of wood, causing the other person to be in fear for their safety,” according to a police statement.

Cristina Resto

Resto, 20, of Philadelphia was arrested on June 7 at 1:55am for DUI – Minor and Driving Under the Influence.

During a traffic stop at 600 York Road in Willow Grove, Resto was found to be operating a motor vehicle while impaired and under the age of 21. 

Thomas Kelley

Kelley, 62, of Philadelphia was arrested on May 31 at 1:15pm for Retail Theft.

Kelley is accused of stealing $744 worth of food and hygiene products from the Walmart at 2101 Blair Mill Road in Willow Grove.

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