Upper Moreland police provide details of four recent arrests for DUI, Traffic Incident, Theft, & Shoplifting

The Upper Moreland Township Police Department has provided details of four recent arrests. They are as follows:

Michael Bowen: DUI (pictured above)

Michael Bowen, 52, of Willow Grove was arrested for Driving Under the Influence and several motor vehicle violations on January 3 at 6:33pm.

According to police, UMPD officers responded to a vehicle crash involving a bicycle and vehicle. Bowen was found to be operating the bicycle while under the influence and disregarded traffic signals, causing the crash. 

Bowen was subsequently arrested on February 24 after assaulting and threatening his parents with a hammer and taunting a police K-9.

Emmerson Slotterback: Traffic Incident

Emmerson Slotterback, 45, of Willow Grove was arrested for Illegally Operating w/o Ignition Interlock on February 12, at 5:21pm while driving on Memorial Drive and York Road.

According to police, Slotterback was charged following a traffic stop for motor vehicle violations, and was found to be operating a motor vehicle that was not equipped with ignition interlock as required. 

Ralph Brown: Shoplifting

Ralph Brown, 60, of Philadelphia was arrested for Retail Theft, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Receiving Stolen Property on January 8 at 2:21pm.

Police said Brown is accused of taking $115 worth of merchandise from 5 Below in Willow Grove.

Upon his arrest, drug paraphernalia and additional stolen goods from other jurisdictions were discovered in his possession. 

Brandon Smith: Theft

Brandon Smith, 24, of Telford was arrested for Receiving Stolen Property and Retail theft on February 27, at 1:13pm.

According to police, Smith attempted to return merchandise to the Willow Grove Auto Zone that had been stolen from another Auto Zone store. He was working in concert with another person, the report said.

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Photo: UMPD