Upper Moreland officials exploring possible locations for homeless facility | Updates: Woodlawn Park, Farmstead Park, Warminster Road, Willow Grove Interchange

Upper Moreland Township officials have provided updates on Woodlawn Park, Farmstead Park, Warminster Road, and the Willow Grove Interchange as they explore locations for a forthcoming homeless shelter.

A small handful of local municipalities—Lansdale, Lower Merion, and West Norriton—is making a push to establish more facilities through the Montgomery County Homelessness Task Force, which put out a report in November 2023 with aims to improve a growing problem in the area and across the country.

According to the Task Force’s report, the shelters will be used during “Cold Blue” weather periods, or days when the temperature is expected to be below freezing.

“We’ve had some meetings with the county. We’d like to find a location for a Code Blue shelter but we haven’t been able to so far,” Township Manager Matthew Candland said. “We do have a handful of homeless folks who come out of the weather into the lobby which isn’t an ideal situation because it isn’t big enough for that.”

“It’d be a small facility. We hoped to have it for this season,” he said.

Woodlawn Park

The Board of Commissioners approved the master plan for Woodlawn Park and has identified the remaining funding sources needed to construct the new park.

The cost of construction is estimated to be just under $4 million, according to officials.

To date, the Township is close to securing about $1.5 million in grant funding, currently has a little over $1 million in previously identified funds, and still needs to identifying the remaining $1 to $1.5 million,” Candland said in a statement.

Officials anticipate that construction will begin either in late 2024 or in 2025.

Farmstead Park Improvements

Farmstead Park has seen invasive species vegetation removed in recent weeeks, and new native trees have been planted, a new pedestrian pathway has been constructed, and a number of stormwater management improvements have been installed, officials said.

“Additionally, the historic springhouse has been brought to light: a small cottage was deconstructed to reveal the original springhouse within, which is now being restored. The historic carriage house is also undergoing muchneeded exterior stabilization work, including a new roof and other exterior improvements,” Candland said in a statement.

Most of the work is being paid for from grants amounting to over $800,000.

“This coming year we will also be constructing a new asphalt parking lot and making some repairs and improvements to the historic barn,” Candland said.

New Warminster Road Sidewalks

The township has installed new sidewalks along a stretch of roadway approaching the new Warminster bridge.

Willow Grove Interchange – Pennsylvania Turnpike

Township officials are working to clear up traffic congestion on southbound 611 as motorists try to get onto the Turnpike.

“The Township continues to work hard to (1) identify funding for improvements to the southbound 611 off-ramps onto the PA Turnpike and (2) have this project included on Penn DOT’s Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP),” Candland said.

The project is estimated to cost about $15 million. So far, the township has secured almost $3 million.

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