Two Upper Moreland detectives receive merit citations for arrests of violent criminals

The Upper Moreland Township Police Department announced that Detectives Francis Gallagher and Vince Small have each received merit citations on behalf of the township for the actions described below.

Detective Francis Gallagher

Upper Moreland police responded to a robbery at a Lukoil gas station in the township on Saturday, February 18, 2023. Detective Gallagher immediately shared the description of the suspects and their vehicle with surrounding jurisdictions.

With the assistance of detectives from the Upper Dublin Police Department, Detective Gallagher located and recovered the suspect’s vehicle, which had been abandoned in Dresher. It was determined that the robbery suspect stole a different vehicle from that location and fled the area.

Detective Gallagher obtained evidence that linked the occupant to the robbery, after which he prepared and executed search warrants with detectives from outside jurisdictions.

Detective Gallagher’s interview with the suspect brought forth a confession to the Lukoil robbery and other robberies across several jurisdictions.

Detective Vince Small

Upper Moreland police responded to a robbery/home invasion on York Road on Wednesday, May 24, during which three suspects had taken a large sum of money from the victim.

Detective Small photographed and forensically processed the apartment and conducted an in-depth interview of the victim, through which he obtained social media communications between a suspect and the victim.

Small executed several search warrants on social media providers for account information and content which led to the identification of one of the suspects. An interview and search of the suspect’s cell phone which yielded additional evidence, officials said, through which three suspects were identified, arrested, and charged with robbery and related offenses.

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Photos: UMPD