Trevi, The Ways, Moody Jones Gallery feat. in episode of NBC Sports Philadelphia’s What’s Brewing PA

Trevi BYOB, The Ways Restaurant & Brewery, and Moody Jones Art Gallery in Glenside were featured in an episode of NBC Sports Philadelphia’s What’s Brewing PA titled “Phillies Spring Training Beers to Try!”.

Moody Jones appears first at the video’s 19:19 mark. An excerpt:

“I like what is happening in the art community in Montgomery County. I think that folks need to recognize that there are nice art-related and culture-related activities happening out in this area,” Adrian Moody, owner of the gallery, said. “There’s a lot out here and it’s good to be a part of that. I feel that I’m obligated to support the artists.”

Trevi BYOB is up next at the video’s 20:54 mark. An excerpt:

“We were able to get a local winery license, which would allow us to sell wine and spirits as long as they’re Pennsylvania-brewed,” Trevi’s co-owner, Joe Burke, Jr., said. “If someone really wants to know what Trevi is about, it’s passion.”

The Ways comes on at the video’s 22:50 mark. An excerpt:

“We opened in 2019, about nine months before the pandemic. We had a lot of support from the community which was really nice,” Tim Way, owner of The Ways, said. “We like to mix it up and have a lot of different beers. We smoke all of our meats in-house.”

Check out the episode below:

About the show:

What’s brewing is a 30-minute TV show that airs weekly on NBC Sports Philadelphia networks with Hosts Glen Macnow, Lew Bryson and many more! What’s Brewing was designed to raise the visibility of local craft beer and create awareness for various events and activities. We have profiled a number of top brew masters with plenty of celebrity guest hosts. We’ve explored the science of brewing providing insight on how brewers create their most flavorful beer and high-quality ales and lagers. Many of these breweries rely on local ingredients and that becomes part of the discussion. From homebrewing competitions, beer fests, and ale trails nothing is off-limits when it comes to covering craft beer!

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Screengrabs: What’s Brewing PA