The Cheesesteak Baby

Photo from Brad Williams' Blog

Brad Williams, a computer programmer and resident here in Glenside, might have devised a new way of measuring human growth, Philly cheesesteak style. Back in October 2015, Brad and his wife gave birth to their son, Lucas. At two weeks old, Williams jokingly took a photo of a cheesesteak next to his son, simply to give everyone an idea of Lucas’ actual size. This led to a gallery of monthly, hysterical, Lucas – cheesesteak photos, which is now known as “Cheesesteak for Scale” on Williams’ Blog . Williams’ hilarious photos, displaying his son’s growth by comparing it to the size of a cheesesteak, has attracted lots of cyber attention. Unfortunately, the photo shoots came to an end after a year when Lucas wanted no parts of cheesesteaks anymore. Don’t be surprised if you see cheesesteaks at your next pediatrician visit, Brad Williams could be onto something here.

Photo from Brad Williams Blog