Tenants of 1 Y*rk Apartments call BS on management: “We’re desperate”

“We’re a hostage in this building for as long as we’re on a lease.” been there since early July. “On the surface things look fine, and then after you’ve been here awhile, it becomes a matter of false advertising due to conditions you’d never anticipate. It’s all smoke and mirrors and it’s all political. The building’s been on the decline for a long time. It wasn’t like this 20 years ago.

Julie Mahon: 8 mos. pregnant. one of the admins. George Clay: attended Twp meeting. John Krantz: very vocal. Meeting on Sunday.

“I didn’t know when I came in, and people just started telling me what was wrong. One out for four working elevators if we’re lucky. We had no heat during Christmas, during Thanksgiving we had no heat, hot water, or working elevators. I’ve watched elderly people and women with small children carrying groceries struggle up the steps. These issues were never addressed. The heat was resolved within a few days. There are water issues in both buildings. Mice, roaches. Leaky ceilings.

“The leasing office makes you feel invisible. There’s no management on site. I think they’re tired of hearing about it so they just blow you off.

The electrical rooms are open with wires exposed. The garage is open. Fire alarms go off randomly in the middle of the night. You don’t know when it’s real. Parking is such that fire responders can’t go through if they need to.

“I think the owner of this building is slick, and I think he filters donations to the Borough. He has some people in his pocket. There’s no explanation for code enforcement to come here and not do or say anything. There are political posturing issues that tenants have no control over. Management seems really unconcerned.

Steven Kline owner. call Leasing Office: Angel.

1600 for a 2-bedroom 1.5 bath, 1 b, 1 bath 1350, 2 bed 2 bath 1900.

An Abington attorney went without heat for 30 days.

Sarah, a single-mom social worker, “We’re turning into a community through this situation. These are life issues. We don’t want to move, we just want our basic needs met. This isn’t “luxury apartment living” as the website says. There’s a lot of deceit and unhappy, trapped people who don’t know what to do.