Taylor Dayne At The Keswick Theatre Tonight

Taylor Dayne will perform at the Keswick Theatre tonight.

“The title [of her new album, ‘Satisfied’] is very tongue-in-cheek,” Ms. Dayne detailed in a statement issued by the Keswick Theatre.  The name came from “Lewis Taylor’s song of the same name. ”

“The New York-born artist’s three albums for Arista Records, ‘Tell It To My Heart’, ‘Can’t Fight Fate’, and ‘Soul Dancing’, produced twelve Top 20 singles, among them the chart-topping ‘Love Will Lead You Back’,” the statement continued.  “Over the course of her career, she has sold more than 75 million albums and singles worldwide, garnering three Grammy nominations along the way.  On her new album, Ms. Dayne co-wrote four of the songs, including the first single, ‘Beautiful’, with Norwegian tunesmith Hitesh, as well as ‘Love Chain’, ‘The Fall’, and ‘Hymn’.”

“It was time to roll up my sleeves, get back into the studio, and show people I’m not done yet,” stated Ms. Dayne.  “My job as an artist is to make sure that I make the material I choose mine, by interpreting it my way.”

The Keswick Theatre is located at 291 North Keswick Avenue in Glenside.  Further information can be found at the website for the Keswick Theatre.



The photograph is provided courtesy of the Keswick Theatre.