Target rolls out Express Self-Checkout lanes, said to be ‘twice as fast’ and a better experience

The Target Corporation announced that it has rolled out Express Self-Checkout lanes at most of their stores this month.

According to a statement, the retail giant found that the option was “twice as fast” and surveys showed a better overall experience after piloting the concept at about 200 stores last fall.

Only 10 items or less are accepted in the Express lanes, Target said.

Other feedback-based updates include:

  • “Opening more traditional lanes staffed by our team members across all our stores for guests who have more in their Target carts, need a helping hand, or just enjoy connecting with our team to help them get on their way sooner.
  • Store leaders have the flexibility to open more lanes staffed by team members and set self-checkout hours that are right for their store. While the hours of operation may vary based on store needs, Express Self-Checkout will be available during the busiest shopping times.
  • Continuing to invest in additional training to ensure that our teams can continue to provide great guest service during the checkout.”

“At Target, we’re always listening to our guests so we can deliver a joyful and convenient shopping experience. Checking out is one of the most important moments of the Target run, and we know that a fast, easy experience — whether at self-checkout or the lanes staffed by our friendly team members — is critical to getting guests on their way quickly,” Target said in a statement.

In our area, Target locations exist at 2450 Shoppers Lane in Wyncote and 1495 Old York Road in Abington.

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Photo: Adobe Stock