State Rep. Kevin Boyle allegedly threatened to hit female staff at Rockledge bar, outburst caught on tape

The Rockledge Borough Police Department is investigating State Rep. Kevin Boyle’s recorded outburst at Gaul & Co. Malt House on Huntingdon Pike early Thursday morning, including alleged threats to “hit female employees.”

A video circulating on social media shows Boyle, 44, yelling at staffers and telling them he’ll “end this bar.”

NBC10 shared the following footage:

Boyle has represented the Northeast Philadelphia House district since 2011 and “has been open about past struggles with mental health”, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

He was arrested and charged with harassment in September 2021 after showing up at his ex-wife’s house, violating a protection-from-abuse order she previously filed against him, the Inquirer said.

In the news release below, Chief John Gallagher said a bouncer called 911 at 12:18am Thursday, alleging that Boyle had threatened to hit female employees, including a female bartender.

Gallagher said police were also told Boyle was intoxicated and “possibly under the influence of drugs.”

When police arrived at the bar, they found Boyle standing outside. According to the release, he presented his driver’s license but would not provide further details. Responding officers were told Boyle was asked to leave several times and wouldn’t.

The female staffers Boyle allegedly threatened declined to press charges, Gallagher said.

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Screengrab: NBC10