Startup railway AmeriStarRail seeking new ways to run the Northeast Corridor, Jenkintown Station

AmeriStarRail, a Wilmington-based startup railway company, wants to take over the 457 miles of track between Washington and Boston. Amtrak currently owns all of it, including the electric power equipment, and is unlikely to give it up without a fight. The dense Corridor is Amtrak’s biggest revenue generator by far, reported the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The fledgling firm “promises more frequent trains, 30 new stops, and one fleet of high-speed trains with seating for three classes of service, instead of the current approach: fast, costly Acelas for business travelers and slower, cheaper regional trains for coach passengers.”

Negotations for AmeriStarRail haven’t panned out so far. It met with Amtrak executives several years ago, who have their own plans for growth. According to the Inquirer, “a senior Amtrak executive strongly disputed AmeriStarRail’s contentions and called its plans unworkable and expensive in a July 19 letter to Spencer, adding that the railroad did not intend to pursue further discussions with the company.”

For extensive coverage on Amtrak, AmeriStarRail, and the Northeast Corridor’s future, you can read the Inquirer’s article here. For more on AmeriStarRail’s potential plans for Montgomery County, including Jenkintown Station, you can visit their site.