Some close races in the Best Of voting

Not even a week into the finals voting, and we’re seeing some exciting and unexpected developments so far. The polls remain open, so make sure you vote and if you’ve already voted, tell 600 of your closest personal friends to do so as well.

Best Bar Scene is garnering some of the highest vote totals, but the race remains very close between the first and second place contenders so far. With five nominees, we expect it to go down to the wire between the top two.

Best Beer-to-Go is also turning into a real slugfest between the top two spots so far.

Other close races in the food categories include Best Coffee, Best Brunch, Best Cheesesteak, and Best Coffee House.

In the Health and Fitness categories, it’s close in Best Acupuncturist, Best Chiropractor, Best Fitness Classes, and Best Eye Doctor

Finally, I know we only have two nominees for Best Handyman, but this one could be decided by a single vote.

Still plenty of time to vote for your favorites — or even the nominees you think are favorites! Send some good karma their way and vote!