Glenside’s Ronald Dasent retires after 50 years: “He did it his way”

Ronald Dasent of Glenside immigrated from Trinidad to the United States when he was a teenager. At that time, all he had were his parents and his only sibling. He began working at age 19 for Keystone Screw, Inc. and now, 50 years later, Dasent has officially retired from his post.

On Sunday, August 28, family and friends of Dasent gathered at the North Hills Country Club in Glenside to celebrate his retirement.

“The venue spoke for itself and the food for the luncheon was delicious,” his wife, Joann Frasier-Dasent, said. The occasion included a steel pan player, disc jockey, a photo booth, and dance instruction. Toasts included Trinidadian childhood friend Ansil Charles who reunited with Dasent via social media, Charlie England, long-time friend and fellow trucking terminal manager, and Dave Marchetti who spoke on behalf of Keystone Screw.

A memento video shared congratulations to Ron from family and friends from around the world.

“Ten years ago, I asked Ron if I could retire, and he said that I could. It’s been my mission since then to make sure that he had an outstanding luncheon,” Joann, a 2004 graduate of Arcadia University, said. “That was my way of giving back to him.”

After serving in the shipping department for more than a decade, Dasent took classes, received a traffic management certificate, and was promoted to Traffic Manager, a position which he served for 38 years.

“Ron’s strong work ethic came from his father, Simeon, who retired as a police officer in Trinidad and his mother who retired as a nurse,” Joann said. “He has led a well rounded life. He’s in the bowling league at Enon. He golfs every chance he gets. Ron loves to cook, especially his mother’s sweet bread recipe. He’s in the photography ministry at Enon and he loves to travel.”

Going forward, the Dasents plan on trying their hands as Road Scholars and continuing their passion for literacy promotion.

“We’re going to travel and learn about every place we go to,” Joann said. “For instance, we went to Niagara Falls, and we wondered ‘Where does all this water come from?’ So that’s what Road Scholars do, they research different areas. At the end of the day, we’re going to travel not just to have fun, but to learn as well.”

Ronald and Joann, past and present

“This is such a milestone that I don’t think it’s registered for me yet. From the time I met Ronald he’s always been my best friend,” Joann said. “We’ve been through a lot. We’re married, but we’re best friends first. He’s supported me through family issues, every youth that I’ve come in touch with, and we love photography, traveling, and being there for people. He’s definitely my BFF.”

“Retirement is not necessarily a relief, it’s more like a new chapter in my life. Ending one, and beginning another. I plan to do a lot of photography, particularly nature as we go through all the seasons,” Dasent said. “I’m glad that my wife has been with me through rain and sunshine. She’s been with me every step of the way.”

The Dasents have two children, Michael and Trena, and one grandchild.

“It’ll be 25 years in Glenside this November. I love the rich history of Glenside, formerly known as Guinetown,” Joann said. “I’m excited that Arcadia University will incorporate the story of Cremona Morrey Fry who once owned land in this area into their new students’ guide. We love our neighbors who are culturally diverse. We look out for each other, especially during snow storms.”

Watch Ronald Dasent’s cousin commemorate the 50-year milestone with a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” here: