Roling’s Bakery of Elkins Park featured in CNN, robbed hours later

The unfortunate irony is strong: On September 25, Roling’s Bakery and its famous challah were featured in a CNN article promoting Rosh Hashanah, and soon after its release, Roling’s was robbed.

“I guess the thieves saw everyone outside, so I unfortunately left more cash down there more than I’d like to. We lost about $1,500, but that doesn’t count for the locksmiths and other costs associated,” owner Israel Roling said.

Roling said that burglary took place sometime between Sunday and Tuesday.

“They jimmied one of the doors, and they got in,” Roling said. “It’s partly our fault, we could have been more preventative. If anyone I blame myself. Everything’s from God, so this was from heaven. I don’t take anything personally. I’m not happy, I don’t think they’re great people, but this kind of thing is cosmic, so to speak.”

“Crime’s been hitting everyone now, not just the city but also the suburbs. A number of places and businesses around here have been hit. That’s why I’ve been putting in changes with security cameras, but we were lazy that day, and we missed the deadbolt,” Roling said.