Roger Daltrey’s sold-out tour opener at the Keswick Theatre detailed by the Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on the sold-out launch of Roger Daltrey’s solo tour last night at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside.

Daltrey, an octogenarian and lead singer of The Who, fronted a 10-piece band and answered pre-submitted questions from fans between songs, the Inquirer said. Keswick Village was buzzing with activity before and after the show.

“Fit and trim, he was in terrific voice from start of finish, with a surprise opening of Townshend’s solo hit ‘Let My Love Open the Door’ and robust encore of John Fogerty’s ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain?’ and a love letter to fans, ‘Without Your Love,’ written by Billy Nicholls, who played mandolin in the band, the Inquirer wrote.

The full story can be found here. A recorded segment of the show can be watched below, courtesy of Jim Powers:

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Screengrab: Youtube