Road Closure Updates in Cheltenham Township

As of a few hours ago here is where we stand for road closures. Crews are working diligently to get all roads open.

  1. Church Road between Rices Mill  and Greenwood Avenue is open.
  2. Waverly Road between Hewett and Kewsick Ave. is closed.
  3. Hewett between N. Bent & Waverly Road is closed.
  4. Rock Lane between Dell and Serpentine is closed.
  5. Serpentine Lane at Rogers is closed.
  6. Rock Lane to Spring is closed.
  7. 1000 block of Serpentine-Pardee to Washington Lane  is closed.
  8. Cedar Lane from Spring to Ashbourne Road is closed
  9. The intersection of Melrose Ave. and West Ave. is open.
  10. Church Road between Rices Mill and Greenwood Ave. is open.
  11. Normandy Lane at Lanfair Road is closed
  12. Coventry between Granite Road & Cheltenham Ave. is closed.
  13. Mountain Ave. between Valley & Sharpless Road is closed.
  14. Sharpless Road between Mountain Ave. and Ansley is open.
  15. Front Street between Meadow & Boncour Road is closed.