Rep. Napoleon Nelson calls for ‘equity provisions’ should PA decide to legalize marijuana

Rep. Napoleon Nelson, who represents Cheltenham Township, Elkins Park and Jenkintown Borough, spoke on behalf of the Legislative Black Caucus during a news conference in Harrisburg on Tuesday, July 9, during which “members called for expungements for people with a criminal record related to cannabis, pathways to resentencing, a return of assets seized during cannabis-related arrests and compensation for people who had been incarcerated under marijuana possession laws,” CBS News reported.

The Caucus, which is chaired by Nelson, called for the above “equity provisions,” as CBS put it, included in legislation if and when Pennsylvania decides to legalize marijuana.

“The Legislative Black Caucus will not accept the advancement of an adult-use program that still holds incarcerated individuals that have previously been convicted for cannabis activity,” Nelson said during the conference.

Nelson also called for the establishment of an Office of Social Equity that would manage a Cannabis Development Fund.

“The fund would receive revenue from the state tax on legalized cannabis and a portion of licensing fees plus an initial appropriation from the state, and provide grants and low-interest loans to help people breaking into the industry,” CBS‘ article said.

The full story is here. Nelson’s speech can be watched below:

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