Inquirer photographer, musician, writer formerly of Elkins Park has passed away

Lewis Tanner, formerly of Elkins Park and founder of Lewis Tanner Photography, died Monday, January 15, of septic shock at a Burbank, California hospital, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. He was 72 years old.

According to the obituary, Tanner was a prolific photographer, musician, artist, writer, and “California cowboy” from Brooklyn. He first arrived in Philadelphia in the mid-1970s and provided photographs of all sorts to The Inquirer over the next 40+ years.

Mr. Tanner also worked at La Salle College (now La Salle University) in the 1970s and ‘80s photographing basketball games and official events for school publications and other clients. Tanner’s 1975 photo of a nude torso resides in the collection of the La Salle University Art Museum, The Inquirer said.

He came to Elkins Part after his divorce with his second wife, Linda Feldman.

For his full obituary, you can click here.

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Photos: The Philadelphia Inquirer