Potholes Gone Wild

Potholes are multiplying as we speak. No one likes them. So why so many, one might ask? PENNDOT has the answer to that question. The vast amount of extreme weather, is definitely the culprit. If the pavement temperatures are varying from day to day, like they have been in December and January, the freeze/melt effect creates these monsters. When moisture seeps into the surface and then later freezes, it causes expansion. Hence, when the icy surface defrosts, ta da…we have a pothole. Cheltenham and Abington Public Works wants you to know that PENNDOT needs you to act quickly, when you come upon one of these nuisances.  Because PENNDOT just doesn’t have the man power to locate every possible pothole, they are asking the public to be proactive. This is mainly for safety reasons and also to preserve the integrity of the road. Customers can do this by calling PENNDOT on their toll free number 1-800-FIX ROAD. When you call, try to be as specific as possible and give the street name, cross street, direction you were traveling in and any landmarks nearby. Happy Potholing.