Pet of the Week: Ramona & Frida

Owner Nicolás Scherson of Glenside sent us these two cuties with the following story:

We were looking for a cat, so after looking for a while we decided to adopt Ramona who was almost a year old. Long story short, we arrived at the rescue center and found out that Ramona’s sister was available for adoption as well.

We were definitely just going for Ramona, but my heart melted when I saw both Ramona and Frida together so I convinced my wife to take both of them.

At the beginning was difficult, but their cute faces and snuggles made everything easy and now both sister will stay together until the sweet and bitter end.

Take it from this cat owner: Always best to have two cats over just one!

If you have a cat, dog, bird, iguana, or other interesting pet you’d like to introduce to the community, sent your story along with a good photo and we’ll make it locally famous!