PET of the WEEK: Meet Zelda

The Pet of the Week is Zelda from Jenkintown. 

From the owner……..Zelda is a Siamese  who loves to open the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom. She is almost 3 and always getting into to mischief around the house. Zelda came to live with us when she was  7 months old after my Aunt Marlene passed away. Zelda always knows when someone is upset and sits with them just when you need a smile.  Zelda kept my spirits up on sad days after I lost my favorite aunt. She has brought a lot of love and laughs to our home.

We are always looking for new pets to feature for Pet of the Week. Please email a few photos of your pet. Please don’t send in dark or blurry photos, as they can’t be used. Please also include the following  information:

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