PennDOT Celebrates National Bike to Work Week

bicycle to work

This week, PennDOT tosses a bone to bike riders by celebrating Bike to Work Week where it urges Pennsylvanians to get out of their cars and get a little exercise for a change.

To mark the start of Bike to Work week, the Wolf Administration announced a series of planned improvements and opportunities for bicyclists during an event featuring a bike ride around Harrisburg by cabinet members and other state officials.

According to PennDOT’s 2017 budget, it spent $2 million specifically on bicycle-related programs compared to $5.6 billion on automobile infrastructure. We love our cars!

“Our priority is the safety of all roadway users,” said Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Secretary Leslie S. Richards. “I’d like to remind drivers to slow down and give people on bikes the required four feet of passing distance when you see them out on the road, and I ask those riding bicycles to please ride responsibly.”

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