PECO to upgrade/install new natural gas equipment in Hatboro beginning July 1

The Upper Moreland Police Department shared that PECO will be upgrading and installing new natural gas equipment next month in the area of Warminster and Byberry roads and Tanner Avenue in Hatboro Township.

The project is expected to begin on Monday, July 1. Crews will be working Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 3:00pm, according to PECO’s notice.

Officials said that PECO or a PECO contractor will need to turn off natural gas service and then enter residential properties to relight appliances after the connection.

“We will need access to the natural gas appliances or equipment in your home so we can perform this work and later that day to restore service and relight any appliances,” the notice said. “At this time, we will also be relocating any indoor natural gas meters to the exterior of the building to a location that is above ground and is as close as practical to the existing indoor location.”

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