PA Turnpike’s Fort Washington interchange to receive new ramp to help with traffic

The Fort Washington interchange will soon see $350,000 to fund a new ramp into the Greater Fort Washington business park at Commerce Drive.

The County Transportation Program grant is expected to help with traffic and will also be used for traffic signals, signs, and stormwater management.

“Transportation is vital to the quality of life for all Montgomery County residents,” said Kenneth E. Lawrence Jr., Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. “That’s why Montgomery County is pleased to partner with our local municipalities to fund needed improvements for our transportation infrastructure. The three grants awarded this year help our local municipalities ensure we maintain high standards across the County.” 

This year’s projects were evaluated in terms of the equitable benefit and visibility to the overall public, County and local planning consistency, readiness, and local funding support. The selection committee consists of members of the Montgomery County Planning Commission Board, the Montgomery County Transportation Authority, and interdepartmental County staff. 

For more information, you can click here. For a detailed history of the Fort Washington Expressway, you can click here.

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