Owner of Fort Washington’s Glen Behavioral Hospital says it will focus on patients with better insurance

Universal Health Services Inc., a psychiatric care outfit which manages 146 beds at Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital in Fort Washington and 206 beds at the Horsham Clinic in Ambler, said that it will focus on admitting patients with better insurance coverage.

“We’ve been going to our lowest payers and either demanding increases from them or canceling those contracts that we view to be inadequate and simply admitting patients whose insurance will pay us more,” Steve Filton, UHS’s chief financial officer, total Wall Street analysts last week.

“In an environment where we can only treat a limited number of patients, we can be more selective about who we treat and the fairness of what we think we’re being paid,” he said Wednesday during a conference call.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the King of Prussia-based UHS is the largest operator of behavioral health hospitals in the nation and has more than 900 inpatient psychiatric beds at seven facilities in the Philly region.

From their article:

In the three months that ended June 30, UHS’s 355 behavioral health facilities had $1.5 billion in revenue and $263 million in operating income, which amounts to an operating margin of 17%.

UHS also operates 28 acute care hospitals, though none are in the Philadelphia region. Those hospitals had an additional $2 billion in revenue and $130 million in operating income.

The article also noted that UHS has terminated “a great many markets to a great many payers” which may or may not be in the Philadelphia region.

For more on the Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital, located at 7170 Lafayette Avenue, you can visit their Facebook page and website. For more on the Horsham Clinic, located at 722 E Butler Pike, you can visit their Facebook page and website.

For more on UHS, you can visit their Facebook page and website.

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