On The Right Track Cafe to open Jenkintown location next month

On The Right Track Cafe has been a favorite Glenside breakfast and lunch spot for years, and a second location in Jenkintown is expected to open by mid-January.

The new location will be at 609 York Road in the same building which currently houses a parking garage and Jenkins Storage.

“A customer mentioned that there are so few breakfast places in Jenkintown, so I looked into it,” owner Vicki Rossi said. “They want something for the area’s students, the office workers in the building, and the neighborhood in general.”

A name for the new location is in the works, though the owner intends to stick with what its customers love: fresh, made-to-order breakfasts and lunches to eat in or take out.

The building will continue to see improvements during its initial months after opening.

“It should be interesting. It’ll be a different clientele. The cafe in Glenside tends to be more family-oriented, but the Jenkintown location will be more of a grab and go, at least until we get established,” she said.

Jenkintown’s menu will flexible during its early stages. Pre-order options will be available for each menu item that exists in the Glenside location.

“While we’re waiting for the kitchen’s finishing touches, if we can’t make it in Jenkintown, we’ll make it in Glenside and bring it over. People can place an order and I’ll have it ready for them the next day,” Vicki said.

Vicki inherited OTRT Cafe in October 2019. A daycare coordinator for over 20 years, she was waitressing when the previous owner mentioned that they were ready to move on.

“It’s been great. I revamped everything and turned the whole place inside-out,” she said. “I’ve gotten so many calls and people stopping by to ask about the new location. It’s been incredible how excited Glenside has been.”

Part of the cafe’s appeal has been its proximity to railroad tracks, hence the name.

“People who love trains love to sit here and watch them go by. That’s why I built an outdoor space,” Vicki said.

The existing location is still seeing improvements, and customers have been able to show their appreciation for OTRT Glenside through signatures and comments on the new outdoor structure’s rafters.

“I’ve asked people to sign their names after stopping by, and sometimes they’ll write what they liked about the place. My heart is just full,” Vicki said. “It makes me happy knowing that my customers are happy. I love the people and the area. For some reason this place just drew me here.”

The Glenside location is open Tuesday through Friday from 8:00am to 2:00pm, Saturday from 9:00am to 2:00pm, and Sunday 9:00am to 12:00pm. Jenkintown’s hours of operation are TBD.

For more on OTRT Cafe, you can visit their Facebook page.

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