On the campaign trail, Josh Shapiro makes the rounds in our area

The Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania Governor, State Attorney General Josh Shapiro, has been making the rounds in our area lately.

This past Thursday, Shapiro attended a celebration at his newest campaign office in Jenkintown. State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta and State Senator Art Haywood. Over 250 supporters attended the event.

“I’m running to try to meet this moment that we have. A moment where yes we have work, but a moment where we also have real opportunity, ” said Shapiro. “An opportunity to make sure every single kid in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania gets a quality education. A moment where we have the opportunity to build safe communities so that everybody is safe and feels safe in their community […] A moment where we build an economy that lifts everybody up, that leaves no one behind, that treats our urban and our rural communities with the dignity that they deserve and make sure everybody counts in the Pennsylvania dream. We can do that together.”

Then, on Saturday, Shapiro attended a Montgomery Co. Canvass Kickoff with State Senator Maria Collett in Horsham.