Oct. 11 neighborhood meeting to discuss the coming Nifty Fifty’s in Abington

Residents of the 1900 block of Guernsey Avenue are invited to take part in a neighborhood meeting to discuss the forthcoming Nifty Fifty’s at 1140 Old York Road. The meeting will take place on October 11 at 7:00pm in the Township Building’s second-floor boardroom.

Neighborhood residents will have their questions and concerns heard by Chan Nuth, Nifty Fifty’s franchisee and property owner, Abington police command staff and traffic safety unit, engineer Allison Lee, and commissioner John Spiegelman.

Topics are likely to include parking, traffic safety, restaurant operations, and construction issues. Resident concerns include regulations vis-à-vis the Township’s zoning ordinance, issues with permit parking on Guernsey Avenue which could drive street parking over to Horace Avenue, how and when street parking is allowed, and permits among contractors. Construction is expected to begin in the days following the meeting, though where and how construction vehicles will situate themselves in the area remains unclear.

“We’ll get everyone there to hear concerns, ideas, plans, and so forth. The owner will be there. We’ll hope to get everyone on the same page and show our commitment to make things better after Nifty Fifty’s comes in. I’m sure there will be points of contention and emotion, but it’s not just a task, it’s a mission. We hope to find a model that works across the Township,” Spiegelman said.