Multiple women harassed in Lower Moreland park, police issue safety tips

The Lower Moreland Police Department is urging women to be careful after receiving reports of a male harassing runners on the Pennypack Trail. 

A woman said she was frightened by a stranger while on a run last Wednesday afternoon, during which a man made unusual and suggestive comments to her and took her picture.

The man reportedly parked his next to hers and remained in that spot until she returned from her run.

According to CBS News, other women have reported similar incidents.

“These things do need to be reported, because we never know when it could be something else,” she said. “When he asked if he could show me a wrestling move, and if I could do a wrestling move, he said, ‘It looks like your thighs could break me.'”  

Safety Tips for Runners courtesy of the Lower Moreland Police Department:

We’d like to share an important reminder with the community to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings while walking/running on trails and paths. We recently took a report from someone who was approached by a stranger.  The questions asked by the subject made them feel uncomfortable enough to report it to the police. 

We encourage everyone to consider the following safety tips while walking or running on the trails:
Run, jog, or walk in areas that are familiar to you.
If you are walking in an unfamiliar location, try to bring a friend along with you.
Avoid running, jogging, or walking in poorly lit or secluded areas.
Tell someone where you’ll be and share your GPS location with them.
Do not wear headphones or earbuds. If you need to listen to music, keep the volume low so you can hear your surroundings.
Switch up your route and pattern so your actions aren’t predictable.
Keep your head on a swivel: Be aware of your surroundings.
Don’t share your routes on social media.

For CBS News’ video footage, you can watch below:

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