Mr. Paul’s Barber Shop celebrates its 60th anniversary in style

Fox 29 News reported on the Wednesday evening celebration of Paul Strate, owner of Mr. Pauls’ Barber Shop, a fixture of the Jenkintown community since 1962.

Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the 77-year-old’s career, his 300 plus customers which span generations, his work ethic, and his congeniality. 

“You really do have to be affable, affordable, and available,” said Strate. 

Asked about the outpouring of love and appreciation from his customers, Strate commented, “I love them. They’ve given me and my family a living and I’ve gotten a lot of joy out of it.”

For more on Mr. Paul’s Barber Shop’s milestone, you can read FOX 29 News’ article here. Photo courtesy of Fox 29 News’ video segment.