Moody Jones Gallery of Glenside to present Jazlyne Sabree’s ‘Complex Identities: Selected Works from PAFA Students and Alum’ Sept. 18 – Oct. 21

Moody Jones Gallery of Glenside presents their latest exhibition, titled “Complex Identities: Selected Works from PAFA Students and Alum” and curated by Jazlyne Sabree, from September 18 to October 21.

Sabree is an interdisciplinary artist/curator working in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Currently she creates life-size abstract figurative mixed media collages that spark conversations around both the beauty and endangerment of the people of the African diaspora.

Sabree graduated from Clark Atlanta with her BA in Art and her MA in Art education at Boston University. After five years of teaching in inner city schools she returned to Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art (PAFA) as a candidate for her MA in Fine Art.

“Complex Identities,” similar to Sabree’s personal work, is a catalyst for much needed conversation. She’s brought together fellow PAFA students and alum to create a visual dialogue that explores the diversity and complexities of our shared identity as humans in today’s society.

It explores social constructs, self-discovery, and social justice through each artist’s lens, to shine a light on our togetherness as beings and our intrinsic need to understand ourselves and each other.

This exhibit features:

  • Jo Eke
  • Julio Galvez
  • Lasha Stewart
  • Margery Cercado
  • Joshua Washington
  • Leroy Nunery
  • Dāra Haskins
  • Sarah Dunlap

For more on Glenside’s Moody Jones Gallery, located at 107b South Easton Road, you can visit their Facebook page here.

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