Montgomery County on the hunt for new Health and Human Services Director

Montgomery County is looking for a new Health and Human Services director and their search has gone national.

The County has partnered with Montgomery County is partnering with LeadExec to help in this national search. If you have questions or want to nominate someone you can contact Lisa J. Marks, Founder & CEO and Leyla Kayi, Senior Search Consultant at (413) 335-6936 or by emailing

The Health and Human Services Director responsibilities include the coordination, development, direction, implementation, quality and equitable delivery of services provided by the Montgomery County Health and Human Services. The Director also works with non-profit providers, funders, community groups, County leadership and the County Commissioners. For the whole position prospectus, you can click here.

While the position is currently open, the deadline for an application to be fully considered is Thursday, July 14, 2022.