Meet AlexSandra Hawes: A seasoned mental therapist looking to spread awareness in Abington and beyond

AlexSandra Hawes, a resident of Abington Township, is a certified mental health therapist with 13 years of experience. She hopes to bring more mental health awareness to greater Glenside.

A Licensed Practicing Counselor (LPC) and a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC), Hawes has been with Move Forward Counseling, a Pennsylvania-based mental health care provider, for the past year.

“It was started by a private practitioner in Lancaster. She really built it up to what it is now,” Hawes said.
“We’re LGBTQ-friendly, and I mostly see adult couples and individuals, people with mental health struggles, identity and relationship issues, and those struggling with addiction.”

Move Forward Counseling now has offices in Pittsburgh, Hershey, Lancaster, York, and Lebanon.

“I’m one of the only telehealth therapists in our area. I’m trying to get my name out there as well our company,” she said. “There are so many people out there who could benefit from mental health therapy. So many places are closing their doors, and telehealth has become a convenient alternative for a lot of people. I think there’s a need here.”

One day, she hopes to be open an office in Abington. Step one is spreading awareness.

“I want to get out there and be a part of the community,” she said. “Sometimes people would rather talk face to face, and I’d like to make myself available for those conversations.”

Currently, her practice takes private insurance and self-pay.

“My main focus is recovery-based therapy, but I work with anyone. I work with people who are depressed, anxious, people dealing with addictions or who in recovery, including their family members. We want to rebuild relationships. I do individual appointments and couples,” she said.

Hawes grew up in Philadelphia and went on to graduate with a masters degree from La Salle University in Clinical Counseling Psychology. Her main concentration was marriage and family therapy with a minor in addictions.

“This is my town. I’m trying to offer what I know is missing around here,” Hawes said. “I like the neighborhood. My son graduated from Abington and Eastern Tech last year. We’ve liked the experience.”

For more on Hawes, you can click here. For more on Move Forward Counseling, you can visit their Facebook page and website.

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