LSCHS media literacy instructor highlighted by News Literacy Project

Pam Szabo, a veteran English teacher and reading specialist who is now La Salle College High School’s media literacy instructor, has been featured in an article by News Literacy Project titled “School’s entire freshmen class learning news literacy with NLP’s resources”.

The article highlight’s Szabo’s role in helping the prep school to transform its traditional library into the McShain Center for Digital Research and Collaboration.

“With my ambitious personality, I began to ask for more and more responsibilities. I was bugging my dean, ‘What else can I do, what else can I do?’” she told News Literacy Project.

She was asked to create a media and news literacy curriculum as a component of the school’s required freshman course, Introduction to Technology and Design. To do that, she used News Literacy Project’s Framework for Teaching News Literacy and then discovered Checkology, NLP’s e-learning platform. 

“It made me stop and think of what I see in media. It made me more aware,” Szabo, who was originally hired as a part-time library assistant, said. 

For the full story, you can click here.

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Photo: LSCHS