Lower Moreland police honors officer’s 5th year of service | Springfield police promote new Sergeant as Nisbet retires | 2 Elkins Park Fire Company firefighters honored for 10th year of service

The Lower Moreland Township Police Department congratulated Officer Thomas Rolon on completing his fifth year of service.

“You bring professionalism to the job and make everyone laugh while doing it. Thank you for your service!” the department said in a social media post.

In related news, the Spring Township Police Department congratulated the recently promoted Sergeant Christopher Calhoun and Corporal Calvin Wiley, as well as the recently retired Sergeant Bruce Nisbet.

In other business, Elkins Park Fire Company’s Jason Sladinski and Ed McMahon were recognized last week by the Cheltenham Township Board of Commissioners for their tenth years of service.

“Thank you to all of these volunteers for your leadership and the sacrifices you make to protect our community!” the company said in a social media post.

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Photos: Springfield PD, Cheltenham PD, Elkins Park FC