Lower Moreland police arrest man and woman following argument, double phone snatch

The Lower Moreland Police Department has announced the arrests of Lowell Schade (above left) and Lauren Mazure (above right) on the evening of Thursday, June 13 after receiving a report of a disturbance at the 1100 block of Welsh Road in Willow Grove.

According to the report, Schade received a tip from his neighbor that an unrecognized female was at his house. Schade went outside and saw Mazure trying to gain entry by using a keypad on the side door of the house.

An argument ensued after Schade told Mazure that it was not her house, at which point a male friend of Mazure’s who was waiting in the car intervened, police said.

Before they drove away, Schade allegedly took pictures of their vehicle, the registration plate, and Mazure, at which point Mazure reached from the car and forcefully ripped the phone from his hands.

Schade told police that he grabbed his phone back from Mazure, who then fled the scene.

Schade and Mazure are charged one count of robbery/taking property from another with force, one count of unlawful theft, and one count of disorderly conduct.

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Photos: LMPD