Keep It Cute Wax Studio: a Glen(side) hidden gem

Najiyah Roberts opened Keep It Cute Wax Studio in August 2020, and her business has blossomed in spite of a pandemic and no exterior signage to speak of.

Her salon is tucked away in the Premier Financial building at 45 S. Easton Road, which also houses H&R Block.

Officially licensed by the State Board of Cosmetology and a graduate of Shippensburg University, Najiyah has turned a lifelong hobby in skincare, self-care, facials, and associated products into a career. She worked seven days a week prior to opening Keep It Cute, maintaining a 9-5 marketing job and commuting east on weekends to fulfill her growing appointments in a rented Glenside studio.

“I decided to take a leap of faith. I feel so blessed because I was able to gain a clientele quickly,” she said. “Weekend waxing was how I was able to build that clientele. My books got so filled, so I opened a beauty studio of my own.”

Keep It Cute specializes in full body-waxing services, including “Brazilians,” and is Glenside’s only waxing salon.

“It’s a private, intimate area, and my clients appreciate always getting waxed by the same person. I focus on corrective skin care, and appointments include after-care regimens and products to try,” she said. “I try to educate people about their skin. I want people to know that imperfections are okay, and a skincare regimen can help people feel more comfortable and confident.”

For more information about Najiyah’s salon, you can visit her Instagram page. To book an appointment with Keep It Cute, you can click here.