Jenkintown resident launches GoFundMe for mother of three awaiting liver transplant

A GoFundMe has been launched on behalf of Christina Allen, a mother of three who has been in the Intensive Care Unit since October.

According to her sister-in-law, Christine Glass of Jenkintown, Christina needs a liver transplant due to underlying health conditions. She is scheduled to receive dialysis until a liver becomes available.

From the GoFundMe’s description:

I am writing on behalf of my sister-in-law, Christina Allen. Christina is a loving fiancé and mother to three beautiful children. Christina was in the middle of studying for her masters in early childhood development, while also being the director of a day care. In January 2023, she underwent gastric bypass surgery to better her health for her children, especially her five-year-old daughter. After her gastric bypass surgery, she has since become increasingly ill. Since October 2023, Chris has been in the ICU, in need of a liver transplant due to underlying health conditions; that were not caught before the gastric bypass surgery. It is now the end of November, and she is going to be transferred to a nursing facility for ongoing care and dialysis, until a liver becomes available. While Christina is awaiting a liver transplant, they are currently trying to fight an eviction. We are asking for help to relieve some of this financial stress. Please help us in reaching Christina’s goal, so she can focus on her health and not worry about finances; while her fiancé is doing his best to keep everything together. As you can imagine, this has been an extremely emotional and stressful time for Christina, Anthony and their three children.

$2,275 has been raised at the time of this writing. To donate, you can click here.

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