Jenkintown Receives Montco 2040 Implementation Grant

cedar street jenkintown

Jenkintown, PA – Jenkintown has received a 2019 Montco 2040 Implementation Grant for its Cedar Street Park Project. The grant, awarded for $99,850, aimed at implementing the county comprehensive plan, Montco 2040: A Shared Vision, is one of fifteen recently awarded by the Montgomery County Commissioners. These 2019 grant awards account for over $1,600,000. Since the program’s inception in 2016, over $5.5 million has been awarded to projects.

Jenkintown Borough will install a new 0.36 acre community pocket park in the Cedar Street neighborhood of Jenkintown Borough.  The grant will cover the first phase of improvements which will include site preparation, demolition, walkways, parking, fencing, stormwater management, utilities, lawn and landscaping features.  The new park will provide public open space and recreation in a dense and close-knit residential area of the Borough. 

The park remains a highly controversial project in light of how the Borough conducted this acquisition. With little notice and poorly advertised, hastily held public meetings, the park took most residents completely by surprise. Opponents of the park contend the effort ignores the recently adopted 2035 plan and despite the grant money so far received, will negatively impact the Borough’s budget for years.