J-Town Market & Eatery in Jenkintown to host grand opening on Tuesday

The J-Town Market & Eatery in Jenkintown will open its doors on Tuesday, April 16.

The former Argana Tree Restaurant is now a grocery and convenience store.

Jiji Thomas and Rozanna Torres, who own Lilly’s Authentic Cuisine and King’s Corner Public House in the borough, have been in the process of turning 620 Greenwood Avenue into a food market since November.

The new establishment will feature a “Pay it Forward board”, through which customers can buy a coffee for a neighbor in need.

“Write a message to brighten someone’s day! We will attached your paid receipt with your note & stick it to the board. Anyone in need of a little sunshine ☀️ is welcome to grab a note and enjoy a coffee!” the market’s owners said in a post.

For updates and more information, you can check out J-Town’s Facebook page.

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Photos: J-Town