This Independent Middle School Achieves High Rankings Without Standardized Tests

Consider a Quaker education at Abington Friends School (AFS) for your Middle School student entering fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades.  Learning at AFS does not happen only within the classroom. As a member of the Independent School Experiential Education Network, AFS teachers engage students through a cycle of direct experience, reflection, analysis and experimentation in the world and the outdoors. Our fifth through eighth grade students participate in clubs, sports, theatre and musical performances, and they choose their own subject for independent study projects as a finale to their time in middle school.

Project-based learning encourages students to take a more in-depth look into their own love of learning and personal growth. Students at AFS also learn to manage their study time on and off campus to research, interview, build or create. Each middle school class goes on a series of retreats and trips in order to share stories and build community among students and faculty. All of these experiences are typically built into the school day so that each student has equitable access to extracurricular activities no matter their choice of outside activities or their proximity to campus.

The Middle School program is thoughtful and intentional for adolescent children. Our faculty have written and researched the best ways to provide a joyful learning experience to students ages 10 through 14. Students access equal amount of class time in every major subject. Each student is assigned an advisor who helps students with anything from homework to communication tactics and social interactions. AFS teaches critical thinking, encourages student curiosity and develops individuality. Learning at AFS happens with resources and flexibility, not the confinement of standardized testing.

The culture at AFS is based on Quaker values and students participate in Quaker meeting for worship each week. All middle school students participate in the tradition of reflective silence in the Meeting House and have time to think, relax and consider themselves within the context of the world around them; a beautiful tradition that has continued uninterrupted for 321 years.  

AFS enrolls students from more than 65 zip codes and provides transportation through bus or van service as well as area school district buses. There are Merit Scholarship opportunities available for up to $20,000 for students applying for grades 5-8 and Tuition Assistance is also available based on demonstrated need. Visit or apply today to see if AFS is the right fit for your Middle School student.

Abington Friends School

575 Washington Lane

Jenkintown, PA 19046