“I hope Trump deports you,” says local woman to American citizen.

GlensideLocal would like to remind you that Puerto Ricans are American citizens, and that they typically speak Spanish. Remember that the next time you hear someone speaking Spanish and get an urge to wish deportation upon them. In any event, it’s just plain rude.

This scenario recently played out in an Abington market. Johanny Santana turned on her phone’s camera and caught another the customer in line behind her expressing her own frustrations.

In the video, the other customer is heard saying, “You shouldn’t be here. You should be deported.”

According to a report at NBC10:

Johanny Santana said the caught-on-camera verbal attack happened last week as she waited in line at the store in Abington. Another another woman began cursing because a grandfather and his young grandson were speaking Spanish, and the abuse only escalated from there, Santana said.

Santana told NBC10 that she later regretted using insults of her own.