Huntingdon Valley dog owner feat. by CBS Philly after Rockledge vets determine her Australian shepherd is intersex

Sandy Warren, a resident of Huntingdon Valley, and her dog, Darla, were recently featured on CBS Philadelphia after Darla’s genetic testing revealed that the Australian shepherd is intersex.

“They said, ‘are you sure she’s a female?'” Warren said. “And I was like, ‘yeah, she’s a female. Outwardly, yeah, she’s a female.'”

However, the tests showed Darla was male, with XY chromosomes.

“She could be a they,” Rockledge Veterinary Center’s Julie Sanders said. “We found testes, not ovaries,” Sanders said. “Darla has female external genitalia, but testes on the inside.”

Other than her extremely rare condition, Darla is perfectly healthy.

For the full story, you can click here.

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Photo: CBS Philadelphia