History with Chuck: Remembering Frank Dori, owner of Dori’s Italian Restaurant in Cheltenham

In 1956, the late Frank Dori (center above) opened Dori’s Italian Restaurant in the Lynnewood Gardens Shopping Center in Cheltenham Township.

According to local historian Chuck Langerman, the restaurant remained at the 1900 block of Cheltenham Avenue until 1979 when it was moved to Springhouse near Ambler.

In those days, Dori’s was neighbored by a bowling alley named Lynne Lanes, Ben Franklin 5&10, a bank, a small pharmacy, Mort’s Luncheonette, and Cue and Cushion. On the opposite side of the street was Lee’s Hoagies, Taflin & Schwartz Pharmacy, Erlen Theater, Steer Inn, and Peter Pan Bakery. 

Fun Fact: Mr. Dori’s real name was actually Frank Teodori. He shortened it because he couldn’t afford a sign with eight letters, Langerman said.

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