Halloween Safety

While getting some tasty treats is important on Halloween, safety is critical to make the night a fun evening for all the little goblins and fairy princesses.

The Cheltenham Township Police Department put out a notice today detailing several things for parents to keep in mind when their little ones go out on Wednesday night.

A few of the key safety points:

  • Check your kids’ candy for chocking hazards like gum and hard candies.
  • Face paint is safer than masks.
  • Stay visible with a reflective bag.
  • Always use a crosswalk to cross the street.
  • Lighter-colored costumes are easier to see in the dark.

Beyond safety tips for children, the Cheltenham Township Police Department also suggested that you fire-proof your pumpkins by lighting them with glow sticks.


Photograph provided courtesy of the Cheltenham Township Police Department, 2018.